IRL games
cards against humanity

favorite vidya games & their associated consoles:

GALAGA (namco museum) for GBA
My Hero One for XBOX One
Mario for NES
Mortal Kombat for NES
Super Smash Brothers for N64
Spyro Seasons of Ice for GBA
Kirby Tilt and Tumble for GBC
Pokemon Stadium for B64
Gaia Online for web

games i'm interested in eventually playing
animal crossing for 3ds

~~~~~ it's fun to see progress in them and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. i do get easily frustrated with them though, and tend to magnify on my "failures"... this can prevent me from getting better and finding satisfaction from the game. this is something i'm working on.
i used to have more patience for learning when i was a child and everything was new and i was aware i knew nothing. now i think i know everything, so of course every game should come "easily." this is the curse of a gifted kid--- if it's not easy, i rage quit. this applies to other facets of my life as well.